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31th Jannuary 2011

FWN Worldwide Meeting

It is expected that the meeting will take place in Ningbo, China, 10-12 July 2011 and will be open to the Top 15 FWN Partners 2010/2011-

With the benefit of 12 months worth of activity and profit statistics to hand we have decided that the number of participants will be reduced to just those Partners that have shown over the last year to be wholly committed to the Network, through activity level, profit production, budget preparation, T and T and where appropriate nett settlement participation.

FWN Network

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Africa (3) (43) (1)
America (2) (1)
Asia (4) (11)
Australia/NZ (8)
Europe (4) (31) (1)
Indian Sub-Continent (3) (7)
Latin America (3) (19)
Middle East (4) (12) (1)
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