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27th June 2011

FWN Netting Credit Recover Agreement

FWN & INVENIUM cooperation agreement


Recently FWN and Invenium have signed a cooperation agreement for the management, on a regular basis, of international credit recovery files.

This partnership is aimed to the credits safeguard and to a faster debt collection procedure.


The initiative arises from FWN’s need to avail of a specialized credit recovery company; Invenium and FWN mutually commit themselves to the improving of the service quality.


Through Invenium, FWN can access to one of the greatest International Law Firms and credit recovery companies network famous all over the world.

Founded at the end of nineties, it avails itself of the cooperation of 90 Law Firms, with 200 Professionals (legal and para-Legal) and 115 departments located in as many countries.


As a mandatory, INVENIUM offers its services to FWN in the management of any kind of credit until the judicial proceedings conducted by the Network of partnered Law Firms, coordinated by a team of local professionals.

The map
Africa (1) (44)
America (2) (1)
Asia (4) (12)
Australia/NZ (8)
Europe (4) (37)
Indian Sub-Continent (3) (7)
Latin America (2) (20)
Middle East (1) (15)
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