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2nd July 2012

FWN Nice European Conference '12

We would like to thank all of you to have been in Nice for the First European conference, some of you had to make a very long journey, Management have found those two days very productive-


We’ve had a very good commitments, this will create more aggressive development.-


Thanks again, hope all of you back safe home!


FWN Management   




Perticipant flash:


A big “Grazie a Tutti”,

 and in particular to FWN for the meeting and the time spent together.


Thank you very much for organizing the conference which offers us the opportunity of meeting the partners and developing not only business relations but also some valuable friendships around the world.

It was my great pleasure seeing the FWN Management and all the participating partners in Nice.  


Many thanks for the invitation this year to Nice, it was great to meet again some old faces and also meet many new ones. Hopefully this year will be more productive then the past with some exciting potential new business, if we all work together I am sure this is achievable.


I think this has been one of the most successful conferences in recent years, and hopefully we can enjoy the results very soon.


Sincerely would like to congratulate FWN Management for such arrangements and sure we had a great meeting where personally I had the opportunity to make essentially new friends which will help in future business.


Thank you very much for the opportunity to meet everyone and to get to know all the participants at a most enjoyable FWN Conference.



Firstly , thanks to  FWN team for another successful conference.

We are looking forward to growing all routes with this successful network and look forward to working with new partners as well as continuing the good business relationship with we currently have with members.


First of all,I appreciation to you & management for valueable meeting in NICE and it was good chance for us to develop & creating

EUROPE market as we don't have much business with them before.

On next meeting,we hope to meet all of them with smiling.


Tks for the invitation and for yr hospitality on this interesting meeting.

We have the opportunity to know the partners and develop  relationship with all members, which will permit to all of us to  improve the results of our biz.

Tks to all of you and see you on next year  !!!



Thanks for everything, I am sure that the meeting was a great success, We all had a big opportunity to meet the partners and develop business relations for a short term.

 Im sure that everybody who attended to the conference are happy and with the best attitude to develop business.


It's really my pleasure to see you all in Nice, the meeting was impressive and fruitful, it brought all of us friendship,trust and confidence, I believe this will lead to a booming development in near future.





Most probably I am the last but hope not the worst J

I am glad that I had opportunity to meet all of you, to know more about your companies. I am sure that it will effect positively our minds and business in near future.


No, I`m the last … and hope, not the worst … J.

Thank you all for the nice time that we spent together and for the constructive discussions.

Thank you FWN for the conference organization and the attention that you offer to each of us.   
























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