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26th January 2017

FWN Europe-Africa Conference 2017


2nd FWN Europe/Africa Conference 2017

FWN Regional Europe-Africa 2017- 11th Anniversary (2006-2017)

Survey Sessions:
A) During this session ( from 1st to 15th February 2017 ) FWN Members will be able to choose Nr 3 favorite Regional Countries and Nr 3 favourite Months for the next Europe-Africa Regional Conference.- By this first session Official Country and Official Month will be nominated.- Result will be available on the Web site “Latest News” starting from 16st February 2017.-

B) Possible Second Session ( from 16th to 28th February 2017 ); if considered necessary FWN Members will be able to choose further Conference details ( City, Location, Date, etc etc )

Invitation and costs:
FREE OF CHARGE event invitation for all the Nr 66 Regional Members, for Nr 25 Top Active Members ( excluded the Regional ones ), for Nr 8 Top Handling Members ( excluded the Regional and the Top Active ones ).-
B) Free of charge invitation just for 1 Member in case of Multipartnership ( Best performer ). For all the other Members
USD 300,00 event cost for the Conference, coffee Breaks, Lunches, Gala Dinner.-
C) Categories Period Range: Year 2016 Performance.-

Thank you!

FWN Management


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