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08th September 2016

FWN August 2016 Credit Quality Report

FWN August 2016 Credit Quality Report

Dear Partners,

by this Credit Quality Report FWN Network would like to help Netting credit turnover control inside the Group-

For all the Partner inserted in the below List FWN Network suggest to refer to Network Management before to allow any new Netting Credit :

Stage 3 (Criticality)

FWN Kuwait

FWN Slovenia M

FWN Costa Rica C

FWN Ukraine

FWN Saudi

FWN Iraq


Stage 2 (Over 60 Days delay )

FWN Mexico

FWN Singapore

FWN Malaysia

FWN Argentina


Stage 1 (Over 30 Days delay )

FWN Colombia

FWN Iran A


FWN Thailand


The map
Africa (1) (45)
America (2) (1)
Asia (4) (12)
Australia/NZ (8)
Europe (3) (38)
Indian Sub-Continent (3) (7)
Latin America (2) (20)
Middle East (2) (15)
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