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In short, what client services does FWN provide at present?

• Exclusivity
• Mobility
• Flexibility
• Accessibility
• Care, loyalty and continuity
• Proactivity

Technically, operationally, which services are provided?
• Freight forwarding for both air and ocean consignments
• Road transportation, distribution
• Logistics services
• Warehousing and storage, pick and pack etc.
• Customs clearance and documentation

Its a given that the following services are provided to our customer

• Tracking and traceing
• Cargo insurance at highly competitive rates
• Airline and Shipping line capacity contracts
• Low level manufacturing
All FWN partners are individuals, all with different language, culture, background but all sharing a common goal to satisfy their customer's wishes and needs, 24/7.

What are FWN's objectives in the future?

To be recognised as the real alternative to the global supergroups and "directory" networks within the freight forwarding and logistics industry, by concentrating on the people aspects of our business on a global, regional and local basis.

What is the criteria for FWN partner selection?

• Operational excellence
• Customer focus
• Comprehensive knowledge and expertise in own market
• Financial stability
• Expertise, enthusiasm and a shared vision

The map
Africa (3) (44) (1)
America (2) (1)
Asia (4) (12)
Australia/NZ (8)
Europe (4) (31) (1)
Indian Sub-Continent (3) (7)
Latin America (3) (19)
Middle East (4) (12) (1)
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