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27th November 2018

FWN Alert Message

FWN invite Members to pay close attention to IT fraudes related to tentative to divert payments on "new" Netting bank accounts

Unfortunately, during last period, Members that experienced this kind of e-mail hacker attack increase

FWN would like to confirm Netting bank account never changed and would like to invite Members that experience this kind of IT fraudes to:

- Check that Management/Admin FWN domain ( are not counterfeit

- Call FWN and ask for phone confirmation regarding any supposed bank account changes

- Clean and change immediately your e-mail Passwords as hacker is probably working from your e-mail account

Hope that this Alert will help to instruct all accounting depts. in order to prevent such dangerous IT fraudes to develop

Pls contact us for any further clarification, thank you

FWN Management
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