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21th March 2014

FWN W.S. Explanatory list 2014

By this message FWN management would like to highlight some important web site communication skills; those are in use to help regular communication between The Network and The Members:

By Latest News ( on the left side of the Home web page ) Members should find very important information like:

A) Credit Quality Report - This regular advise is related to important and delicate accounting advise

B) New Member Cooperations -

And other standard information like:

A) Management Trips ( Date ) -B) Meetings ( Date ) C) Tender advise  (Plus Results ) D) Annual Results ( Graphics ) E) Warning List ( Tied up with major Rating FF Insurances ) F) Wishes G) Others

Another important skill, over than Track and Trace,  is visible under Area Network ( on the right side of the Home web page )-

From this Area it is possible to identify Members that has already signed for the New Rebate Contract- Those Partners are written on Green by star key*  -

Rebate is normally between 5% and 20% of the Member Profit, depending from the statistical activities-

Blue Members have got a regular contract, most of the time by Incentive Agreement with the Group -

Red Nations means that Membership is still Vacant

Hoping that those information will help the web-site good use and the profitable business growing, FWN Staff will remain at your fully disposal for further specifications

FWN Management


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Latin America (3) (19)
Middle East (3) (13) (1)
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