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29th December 2011

FWN Turkey ENS System

Dear Colleagues,


We kindly inform you that the new Import Control System (ICS), requiring economic operators to file an electronic Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) before transporting cargo into Turkey, will come into effect at January 01, 2012


All traders involved in customs transactions and international logistics will have to provide Turkish Customs the following data through electronic declarations, before goods are brought into Turkey.


The data will be entered by the logistics companies located in Turkey. Therefore, you have to send the below required data to us before shipments are loaded:


MBL number

HBL number

Port of Loading (POL)

Port of Discharge (POD)

Vessel name and voyage number


Shipper’s full name, address, phone number

Consignee’s full name, address, phone, tax ID number

Notify party’s full name, address, phone, tax ID number

HS code (4 digit)

Exact definition of the goods




Ocean shipments: 48 hours before loading

Airshipments        : One day before departure date


Below time specifications are for Customs declaration for the forwarders in Turkey. Therefore we must get the required information stated as above (Ocean: 48 hours before loading; Air: one day before flight date)






a) Black Sea and Mediterranean ports (SHORT SEA): Minimum 2 hours before vessels arrival

b) All other ports(Far East, USA, North Europe, UK, etc,) minimum 24 hours before loading on to the vessel




a) Short Distance Flights (less than 4 hours flight): Must be declared before take off time from the origin airport

b) Long Distance Flights (more than 4 hours flights): Must be declared at least 4 hours before landing any Turkish airport




• If the consignee is “bank” or “To Order”, the full name, address, and tax ID numbers of the bank as well as notify party must be declared

• HS Code should not be written on HBL or MBL to prevent false declarations

• ENS is compulsory for Transit shipments through Turkish ports as well

• False or wrong declaration, or no-declaration will cause the shipments to be stopped and “Not to load” the shipment

• In case of failure to enter summary declaration within specified deadlines, USD 200 penalty will be applied

• In case of amendments, USD 200 penalty will be applied

• There will be additional charge of USD 25/ entry

Happy New Year!

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